Challenges of the startup ecosystem

In association with KM Saqiful Alam, a lecturer of operations and risk management at the Department of Management, North South University, I wrote this article as a founder of my own startups named Contentier and Hiring. Been having worked in startup accelerator hubs and in content management, I have been exposed to the startup scenario in Bangladesh in its early times. Saqiful, on the other hand, is actively involved in the startup arena as a trainer and advisor to various startups.

Making madrasah students more skilled - The Sylhet Times - Your Bangladesh News Source

"The problems the madrasah students face are that they have no scope to express themselves and thus they are invisible in the society. A very few get opportunities to get out in the real world and even when they do, the lack of certain life skills also slow down their progress," said Sadia Afrin, Programme Manager of Leaping Boundaries, a social organisation that provides madrasah students with a wide-range of skills and access to platforms to help integrate them into the mainstream society. This article was originally extracted from a feature on Financial Express.

An interview on transforming passion into career

"Adeeb Shams and Saqiful Alam are two of the trend-breaking youth inspiration of Bangladesh. Adeeb Shams, Founder of Harriken — a tech startup providing one-stop solution to restaurants and dining options in Dhaka — and an MBA from Georgetown University while Saqiful Alam, Advisor at Harriken and Lecturer at North South University (NSU), is a graduate from Manchester Business School." This was an interview to know their thoughts about how passion can turn into a career.

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